30/05/2018 - Visit of Lugo with a japanese tourist group

This Tuesday Galicia Infinita made discover Lugo to a group of tourists coming from Japan.

Of passage to Lugo this group made a pilgrimage on the way of Santiago.

First of all, we got back the group to their hotel where we made the presentations to. To be able to communicate with the group we spoke to the translator in English and the translator of the group gave explication in group in Japanese.

We began our guide up to the historic center.

Arrived at the level of city wall our guide Guido Álvarez Parga to begin to tell the story of the city through the generations.

Guido to explain the role of city wall during the Roman area while showing the visible Roman blazons at the level of the entrances of bulwarks. We presented them various important personalities of Lugo thanks to various memorials of the street Bispo Aguirre. Having passed in front of the City hall of Lugo we went to the ballad of bulwarks.

Having shown to our group the various points of seen on the city of Lugo, we have to get back to the city center. By coming down from the city center we have to gain the district of Tineria and followed a small very green path. It was important for us to show this small very rural way. El Regueiro Das Hortas situated in Carme district. We wanted to show that unless 50 meters of urban city center, we could find protected and very authentic places.

We ended our visit of the city with the visit of the cathedral of Santa Maria of Lugo. To conclude everything it passed well, the group had a very good level of English, they were all very pleasant and curious to know the city.

Thanks you at all , Arigato