03/05/2017 - Lugo: a city within a Biosphere Reserve


Few cities in the world and the only Iberian capital that enjoys this privilege.


Garza Real en el río Miño (Foto: Guido Álvarez Parga)

Heron on the river Miño (Photo: Guido Álvarez Parga)


We often distinguish Lugo because of its condition as a bimillennial city, because it was the first capital of Galicia, because of its unique wall in the world, or because of the enormous amount of historical vestiges that it has to its credit. But less often is mentioned another condition that distinguishes the Lugo city at European and almost world level … being a city (100,000 inhabitants) located within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Petirrojo europeo en Lugo (Foto: Guido Álvarez Parga)

European Robin in Lugo (Photo: Guido Álvarez Parga)


Terras do Miño was declared in 2002 as “a traditional cultural landscape with many natural habitats of great importance” and is considered the second largest reserve in the entire Iberian Peninsula. It is also one of those with a higher population density and a greater amount of historical heritage: within it are 3 Patrimony of Humanity (Roman Wall, French Way and Northern Roads) and 2 goods declared within the Roads (The cathedrals of Lugo and Mondoñedo).


Amanecer en el Puente Romano de Lugo (Foto: Guido Álvarez Parga)

Sunrise at the Roman Bridge of Lugo (Photo: Guido Álvarez Parga)


According to the databases, 123 different animal species are concentrated in this territory. Birds are the predominant group, but not less mammals, such as reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.


Cigüeña en las proximidades del Miño (Foto: Guido Álvarez Parga)

Stork near the Miño river (Photo: Guido Álvarez Parga)


The number of plant species is also noteworthy: the reserve includes a large number of species protected both by Community legislation (Habitat Directive), national (National Catalog of Threatened Species) and autonomous (Galician Catalog of Threatened Species).


Las orillas del río Miño en Lugo (Foto: Guido Álvarez Parga)

The banks of the river Miño in Lugo (Photo: Guido Álvarez Parga)


Here we leave a video to delight you with the ecological and historical wealth of Terras do Miño… a formidable compilation of images that personally excites me a lot every time I see it. How wonderful to be able to live here! What a fantastic place! Do not be scared with the 27 minutes of duration… you will see that it hooks!



Terras do Miño, one more privilege of this city of which we talk so much, and to which we encourage you to come and visit…


Guido Álvarez Parga (Lugo, 1985)

Official Tour Guide of Galicia, travel agent at Galicia Infinita and collaborator of the newspaper Galicia Confidencial