25/04/2017 - Galicia and the ways of freedom


Get lost and meet regularly, connect daily with nature, walk the trail of ancient ancestors … freedom exercises in Galicia are routine.


Muralla Romana de Lugo (Foto: Guido Álvarez Parga)

Roman Wall of Lugo (Photo: Guido Álvarez Parga)


Could it be that the morriña is linked to that virtue of the Galician lands? Could it be that the Galicians and the visitors of Galicia miss in the distance that pleasant sensation of being lost and feeling free and full of energy? I don´t know … in the whole world getting lost is an adventure … but if it is true that the vibrations of this Atlantic soil have something special that hooks and traps.


Regueiro das Hortas, Vía Romana XIX, Camino Primitivo a Santiago (Foto: Guido Álvarez Parga)

Regueiro das Hortas, Roman Way XIX, Primitive Way to Santiago (Photo: Guido Álvarez Parga)


El Camino, the ways … today are increasingly synonymous with Galicia. We are a land of pilgrims, adventurers, migrants, sailors, romantics and seekers… The place where many lost come to meet themselves, and a place that never leaves the bowels of those who step on it.


Alto do Lago, Becerreá, Os Ancares (Foto: Guido Álvarez Parga)

Alto do Lago, Becerreá, Os Ancares (Photo: Guido Álvarez Parga)


Maybe the millennial forests?Maybe those walls of stone moistened by the centuries? Maybe those Galician eyes that seem to accumulate generations of feelings and adventures in their retinas? Why when you walk on these lands you feel that calendars weigh less than in other parts of the world? Perhaps that is why Galicia always asks more than it affirms … because doubting makes us free …


Guido Álvarez Parga (Lugo, 1985)

Official Tour Guide of Galicia, travel agent at Galicia Infinita and collaborator of the newspaper Galicia Confidencial