21/05/2018 - Excursion to the Rías Altas

This Saturday Galicia Infinita had enjoyed of a sunny weather to discover the Rías Altas.

We began our day with the discovery of the small village of San Andrés of Teixido
This magnificent place is considered as a religious place and a stage of pilgrimage. 

There is numerous legends and rites associated to village. The pilgrims will have to drink some water of three faucets of the fountain then make a wish. To know if it was granted, it will be enough to throw a piece of breadcrumbs in the tub. When the piece of crumb floats, the wish was granted “. Another faith says that the called flower ” hierba to enamorar ” (the grass which makes loving), which pushes in the surroundings, creates love between two people.



Besides being a place with an identity, San Andrés is a place where the nature is protected. Far from touristic site, San Andrés allows it visitors to enjoy of an incredible view on the coast and a surprising silence. Over there, we were able to discover a small walk leading of the church to the impressive sight all this rocked by the noise of waves and breeze. 



Then we ate to Chao do Monte where we met wild cows and horses.



Numerous viewpoint are accessible since San Andrés of Teixido. Offering a fantastic view over the Atlantic Coast, we were as in front of a postcard.

During the afternoon, we traveled four kilometer of the geologic road of the chromium. Accompanied by the Geologist Francisco Canosa we redrew the geologic history of the coast. Thanks to him and his knowledge we discovered several rocks such as the “Serpentine” or still the “Olivine”.



Lucie Tourkia

Student of BTS Tourisme in the Lycée International Ferney-Voltaire (Cessy, France), making an internship at Galicia Infinita with the Erasmus + program